Certification and standards


Certification in compliance with green building standards offers building owners/developers/occupants the opportunity to differentiate themselves on the market and to demonstrate with confidence their leadership in environmental building design, construction and operation. Certification recognises and validates the green achievements of building projects in a way that is independent, measurable and comparable.

Obtaining green building certification will enable a project to:

  • Gain market recognition as a leader in the green building industry;
  • Achieve competitive advantage by promoting a building as environmentally and workplace friendly;
  • Validate achievement through third party assessment;
  • Have the right to publicly endorse a chosen green building rating system, displaying its certification plaque/logo and subsequently reap numerous marketing advantages.

In other words, independent validation of a building’s higher level of environmental and energy efficiency achievement through certification affords a competitive advantage that adds value through higher rental and resale values — something quickly recognized and valued by potential investors.

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