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Renaissance Pravda - first LEED Commercial Office


The Pravda project building, located near the St. Petersburg city center, is one of the first instances of green building design and construction approaches in Russia and is the first LEED certified commercial office building in the country.. The story of the buildings starts in 1934 when it was built as local offices for the famous Pravda newspaper of the Soviet Union. When the newspaper ceased being published in 1990s, the building went on being used as warehouses, until the site was re-developed as a modern A class office building with 29.000 m2 gross floor area by Renaissance Development in 2009.   More details

Outlet Village Belaya Dacha

1_4.jpgThe new retail development project by Hines is innovative in any aspect. It is a new format of retail, a new approach to retail development in Russia, and, of course, an impressive example of green development.

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The first LEED building in Russia

1_5.jpgSKF factory is the first industrial building in Russia to achieve LEED® Gold certification. «SKF, the largest RZD supplier, decided to build a factory in Russia. The decision was made in the middle of the crisis in Russia — August 2008. The strategic corporate mission was to build the first Russian and European green factory.Greening the project costs comprised 7% of construction costs, but the property value increased 12% after certification. In addition, intangible benefits — feeling good and brand value were significant. The project received attention from media, TV and internet community not only in Russia but worldwide», — commented Roman Feoctistov, building assessor, LEED AP, AECOM.

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Ducat Place III — the first and very good

1_6.jpgDucat Place III is the first commercial building in Russia which was BREEAM® certified. The project received BREEAM® "Very Good".Green building incentives had reduced energy consumption up to 35% during 2008 in one of the most famous Hines buildings. Savings for tenants are estimated up to 188 000 USD.«We are proud to be green building pioneers and receive the first certificate », — says senior Vice President and Managing Director of Hines Russia Lee Timmins. «During the certification process we found new ways to improve indoor environment quality for our tenants, reduced their running costs and decreased environmental impact of the building. Hines realizes that greening the building increased its attractiveness for tenants and improved asset quality in a highly competitive environment. Russian investors and tenants turn to projects which where build in accordance with green building principles».

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Barvikha office centre

1_7.jpg"Sustainable, green thinking and acting is not a task of the future, it is an essential challenge of today. The responsible use of resources and an integral approach provide a secure future and prevent from economic and ecological damages. Accredited certificates of DGNB, LEED and BREEAM, which approve buildings with regard to sustainable, energy-saving and environment-friendly criteria are increasingly requested by tenants and become one of the most important marketing tools. Forward-looking green buildings achieve competitive advantages, do economically make sense and moreover: it's a matter of common heritage and our duty to approach to the environment responsibly," — says Juergen Willen, owner of Willen Associates Architects.

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Office building ARCUS III

Arc_b.jpg"We have developed a formula that will enable us to save on energy and thus cut СО2 emissions and then use the money we have saved for meticulous project work without changing the total project budget and also use better materials for all the buildings we design and build. It is important to understand that project budget includes not only construction and assembly work, but also power and water supply, land, etc. What I want to say is that it is definitely possible to build sustainable and green buildings of better quality without spending more money. The better quality in its turn provides economic effect, namely higher rent, investment value and liquidity" — says Yuriy Yudakov, development director of the Clearlink Development.

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Office building on Obvodnoy canal

1_9.jpgThis office building project is located the historical center of St. Petersburg, on the bank of the Obvodnoy Canal. Buro Tekniki group of compnies was the customer, developer and provided engineering services. Chief designer was TSYTSIN Architectural Studio. The building has been designed according to LEED standards, and will aim to achieve a LEED Gold.The total investment in the project wasn't huge, which only proves that innovations help cut investment costs by about 9% and running costs by as much as 47%.

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Ecohouse WWF

1_10.jpgThis project ties in with the global principles of WWF, willing to reach the ideal environmental profile in the sphere of resources protection as well as energy saving policy in the construction field, though developing a pilot project that will be used as a model for future constructions.

Also, WWF wishes to offer to its employees and visitors the benefits of a healthy and friendly atmosphere, in which a wellbeing feeling will be the direct result of a smart construction.

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"While we came to adopt the green features of the future building, we agreed that the financial aspects should also be considered. It would be no sense to erect something that could not be financially viable; this Ekodom WWF should precisely be used as a model for motivating future green projects", — says Sara Da Costa Lopes, CEO of OOO “Proma Estate”, the technical and project manager of the project.

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Ecoresort DancingGreen

1_11.jpgThe DancingGreen project will be developed in Tulskaya oblast, 105 km from Moscow, the construction starts in spring 2010. It is an ecopark, with 730 villas, 250 room hotel, water park, 1 800 sqm spa facilities and vast sport center. The project would include such sustainable features as a nature center, where kids and their parents can learn about sustainability, and an artificial lake, designed to provide the park with optimized water supply. The project team brought together the best world practices — Foster and Partners, PACE, Bovis Land Lease, ITEC, Locum Consulting, Coverpoint, Huettinger, Kay Elliott, SCG London, White Water.

Sustainability is essential part of DancingGreen brand. We discussed sustainable aspects of project and their cost with Andrey Osipov, CEO of Country Format.

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Dom Nad.jpgDom Nadyezhdi

Location: Tula region

Project Type: Residential

Status: Under Construction

Certification Scheme: Pending LEED and Russian Green Standard

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Ducat Place 3

Ducat Place III

Location: Moscow

Project Type: Commercial

Status: In Operation

Certification Scheme: BREEAM International 2008 Europe: Offices

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